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The network of specialists and plastic experts

PLEXPERT is a small multinational company with experts from all fields of the plastic industry. Our products and services are offered to companies worldwide.

Our specialist knowledge is based on countless years of practical experience and regurlarly own research projects done on a regurlar basis. Understandig the process and develop future oriented solutions are in our main focus of all research and developing.

Technological leadership requires a constant investment in research and development. As innovative company this is what we do. Besides we work together with well known research groups and institutes in the field of plastic engineering.

Mold and die association

The mold and dies association was founded in 1989 and has been promoted to the Association in 1994, with the firm commitment to be the core for all mold industry business in Thailand. The association support the growth of new production technologies and the needs of both domestic and foreign markets.
PLEXPERT is a proud member of the mold and die association.

3D-MID research association

In order to support the diverse, interdisciplinary tasks in the introduction of MID technology, the research association Spatial Electronic Assemblies 3D-MID e. V. founded.
Knowledge from the different fields of expertise is brought together here.
The research association 3D-MID e. V. consists of more than 90 industrial companies and research institutes from the fields of materials, injection molding, structuring and further processing including assembly, soldering and testing as well as users of the technology.
PLEXPERT is a longtime member of the Research Association and actively contributes to the distribution of MID technology.

„Within our active network we solve any task. This is done practical oriented and fast”