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Implement simulation

For part- and mold-designer as well as for project- and quality manager

To fulfill the increasing needs in development and production of plastic parts the use of finite element simulation (rheology or structural analysis) is essential.
The most important task is to produce high quality plastic parts with lowest need of precious resorces and low price.

As part designer you are at the very beginning of the whole process. Therefore you bear the main load of the responsibility of part costs.

Requirements to your work are:

Design geometry
Check manufacturability
Ensure part function
Reduce part weight

To achieve all the needs of part developments filling simulation is needed in parallel to part design.
After the part design is optimally designed, the tool designer begins his work.

As mold designer you are responsible for cycle time, dimensional stability of the produced part as well as for the process stability during production.

Requirements to your work are:

Selection of runner system
Layout of an efficient cooling system
Reduce cycle time
Determine shrinkage and warpage

Analysing the cooling layout and the warpage of the part in parallel to the mold design identify immediately critical points and lead to optimizations.

As project manager you need to tighten the work flow within the whole development and production process. One critical thing is to minimize time loss due to modifications an a finished mold. Due to consequent use of simulation the chances are high that a mold can be used without any further changes. Possible threats are known upfront and can be taken care of.

An efficient production and a stable quality of produced pars are the responsibilities of the quality manager. Foregoing simulation did already point out possible cycle times and the required process window for manufacturing. Evaluated data will be compared with information from production to ensure a profitable process.

“We take a close look to simulation results for all projects that we are working on. We use simulation service to enhance our know how and ensure profitable production”